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Advent Christmas candleAdvent is the time before Christmas and is used to meditate and prepare for the birth of Jesus Christ. As Christians, Jesus is supposed to be born in a good place just as an expectant mother would prepare for the birth of her precious child, so it is with Christians thus they prepare their hearts for this great occasion. Even though advent did not originate from Christians themselves, it has been adopted by Christians and they use it to prepare their hearts with love, joy and most of all hope for their world.

So the beauty of advent is the wreath that is presented at Christmas after four Sundays that precede Christmas day. As Christians, the birth of Jesus is celebrated as well as his death thus the reason to hope for the resurrection and a live to come. That is, the believe of “Life after death”.

Advent in the Christian life came later in the 19th century, but before then it was an event of non Christian but since then it has become and remained of great significance to Christians all over the world.

This advent candle is beautifully decorated with many symbolic meaning at different parts of the wreath. The evergreens represents continuity in life to Christians, pricky leaves represent the crown of thorns at Jesus on the cross while the wreath in full means that we can have everlasting life if we live in Christ. Endurance in the passion of Christ is represented by the laurel while pine cones assure the Christians of life and resurrection.

A circle is endless and thus the wreath’s circular shape represents eternity in enduring life.
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The advent wreath in most cases is made up of four candles with purple and oink colours dominating. Purple is a repentant colour while pick is grace where by, in this case, the pink and middle candle is normally is pink and represents Christ. The four outer purple candles represent the four weeks preceding Christmas. On the Easter Sunday, the candle which represents Christ and in the centre is normally lit where in previously on each Advent Sunday an outer candle is lit. As for Christmas, the middle candle is lit on Christmas Eve or on Christmas day.

For the outer candles, they represent hope, love, peace and joy.

For those who are not Christians, these advent candles can as well be made as a family event which can be observed to bring peace, hope, love and joy to the family and the young ones would grow up to retain the tradition as all humans yearn for peace and it would be a pleasure to have it in their families as well.

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