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All About The History Of Christmas Carols

Christmas carolsChristmas carols are hymns that are of subject to the Christmas holiday on 25th of December of every year; they are usually sung on Christmas Eve by groups of children or adults. The history of Christmas carols is so fascinating in that it states that the carols appeared in Rome with the Latin hymn ‘Veni Redemptor Gentium’ being the first to be composed as a Christmas carol; this happened in the fourth century with the composition of another hymn that was Spanish in nature named ‘Corde Natus ex Parentis’ which means ‘Of the Father’s Begotten Son’. The introduction of Christmas carols was extended to North Europe in the ninth and tenth century and by the thirteenth century some hymns were developed in Italy, France and Germany as per the history of Christmas carols’ journals.

Christmas carols started appearing in English in 1426 under the influence of John Awdlay who was a Shropshire clergy of the stated chapel. According to the history of Christmas carols, the hymns were mostly sung from house to house until they were formally introduced to the church and were sung on the eve and day of Christmas. The history of Christmas carols changed when the carols became famous due to the reformation of countries resulting in the Protestant Churches gaining conspicuity as a result of the Lutheran reformation that encouraged the composition of more Christmas carols.

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‘O come all ye faithful’ was amongst the first Christmas carols to be sung after the reformation. Although the history of Christmas carols states that the carol was composed in the thirteenth century, it was first heard of in the eighteenth century. Some of the carols that were sung after it were the ‘First Noel’, ‘Hark the Herald Angels Sing’, ‘God rest ye Merry Gentlemen’ and ‘Saw Three Ships’. The history of Christmas carols states that all these carols were recomposed by Arthur Sullivan who made them what they are today.

Today, the history of Christmas carols has been left intact with the first carols being sung now in churches by huge choirs, although change has been incorporated to suite the modern lifestyle that we live now.

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