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Amsterdam, which is typically well-known as the cultural capital of Holland is the city of enormous verve. The typical aura of the Christmas decoration in Amsterdam with glittering lights and cheery color unfolds the quixotic brilliance where Christmas is the time to unwind and cheer. With the serene canals running through the center, Amsterdam is one of the striking places to experience the natural luster. The somber serenity of the Museumplein during the Christmas time is totally transformed into a cheery Christmas Square with colorful decoration and fireworks to cater to the varied mood of the revelers.
Amsterdam Gifts
With more than 7oo years of rich history, Amsterdam happens to be the ‘Venice of the North’ where the harmonious blend of varied culture and sub culture creates the matchless urban environment which has something in store for everyone. It is with the colorful parade of Santa Claus Christmas steps in Amsterdam to beat the blues of the cold December. The curious blend of different cultures is well evident in the varied traits of Christmas celebration in Amsterdam where enthusiasm gains a defined diction. Color, pulse, rhythm and magic braid the Christmas carnival whilst making the Dutch capital one of the effervescent place to be during the Christmas time. The brilliance of the Christmas decoration in Amsterdam sets the mood of the populace to have a great bash whilst adding a distinct hue to the yuletide spirit. Amsterdam offers a great variety of gifts and souvenirs for the special people of your life. The lights at Red Light District also never appear to fade.

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