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Animal Christmas

Animal ChristmasAnimals have a great significance in the perspective of Christmas celebration. Christmas is a time for celebrated which is celebrated on 25th December every year. It is the day when Jesus was born on earth. It is believed that there are specifically three types of animals such as donkeys, lambs and cows were there close to baby Jesus. So these animals are related to the Christmas celebration itself. These are known as Animal Christmas. Considering the presence of these animals during the birth of Jesus, many sculptures, crafts, greetings cards are prepared at the time of Christmas. Most commonly, these animals can be seen in Christmas nativity scenes with other characters such as Mary, Joseph and Shepherds.

The Biblical Interpretation

Bible says that God sent his favorite son Jesus Christ in the purpose of saving the world from sins. At that time a decree was released by Caesar Augustus to pay for the taxes. So Joseph and Mary went to Bethlehem for paying the tax. When they reached at Bethlehem, they could not find any room in the inn and so decided to spend their night in the stable of the inn. It was the stable where typically animals were kept. While their living in the stable, Mary gave birth of Jesus. It was the animals in the stable who were the silent witness of this godly moment. These animals were rejoicing the moment of celebration. So these animals are integrally related to the birth of Jesus Christ. It is the true reflection of Godly wisdom as he united with the sacrificing animals becoming the witness of this exceptional wonderful moment.

Animal Christmas Animal Christmas Animal Christmas
Animal Christmas Animal Christmas Animal Christmas
Animal Christmas Symbol

To recall that auspicious moment, Christmas season offers you to collect from a wide range of varieties of symbols of animal Christmas. You may avail them individually in the form of craft or you may avail them altogether within a manager. This manager illustrates all the beauties involved with the time of Jesus birth.

You may also send the greetings card depicted animal Christmas on it. It may also include the overall background of the birth time of Jesus. If you are proud of your creative talent, it is the high time to let the world know about it. You may paint the animal Christmas on the paper or you may try experimenting with few designer crafts. Definitely, if you can do it by yourself, it will be the most exciting Christmas that you ever made.

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