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Berlin Christmas Gift Shops Are you done with your Christmas shopping list? Maybe you’re thinking where to shop and find unique gifts for your loved ones and friends? Europe? Germany? Berlin! This city in Germany is a hot spot for a unique Christmas shopping that offers everything you need for the Yuletide season.

Every year in the onset of the Christmas season, Berlin is filled with lights and the spirit of the coming season can be felt all over the place. Christmas Shops became a tradition in Germany with over 60 shops which offers different kinds of Christmas mania around the metropolis. Berlin has something not just for the grown-ups but also for kids and everyone. Christmas booths and shops can be seen on main boulevards, small streets and even inside the museums.

Where in Berlin should you go for Christmas shopping? Visit Wilhelm Gedächtniskirch. It is the most popular Christmas market in Berlin with more than 2 million visitors every year. The place is filled with hundred of wooden stalls built to have a traditional ambience that offers artworks, jewelry and even decorations. Next stop would be Christmas at the Gendarmenmarkt which is an old time Christmas market where craftsmen, exhibitors and other artists sell their works and products. When you’re looking for kitchen wares and Christmas candles, try visiting Spandauer Altstadt. At the Alexanderplatz, carneys and craftspeople offer their products around the Gedächtniskirche. Lastly, the Chanukkah Market offers arts and crafts, literature, decorative gifts and tasty food belonging to the traditions of Hanukkah and Christmas.

These are just few of the several must see places for Christmas shopping in Berlin. Visit these famous markets and go buy some exclusive gifts especially for your loved ones and friends.

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