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Berlin Christmas Gifts Christmas spirit is in the air! And this is the season for giving. Gift giving is one of the traditions of Christmas all over the globe. So, have you finished doing your Christmas shopping list? Have you decided what unique Christmas gifts you should give to your loved ones and friends? Why not visit Berlin and stroll around the city for a delightful and great Christmas shopping experience.

Berlin is the place for Christmas shopping with over 50 markets around the metropolis. The famous Christmas bazaars of Berlin are drawing attention from visitors coming from different countries. Berlin offers numerous fairs and shops for the yuletide season that attracted visitors coming from around the world for many years. In these fairs, several gift ideas were presented – from German delicacies to wines, Christmas decorations, toys, mouth-watering gingerbreads and even traditional arts and crafts coming from the different parts of the globe plus roasted chestnuts which are too hard to resist. Berlin offers everything you need for the Christmas season.

Gendarmenmarkt is one of the places you should visit in buying and looking for unique gifts. In here, they offer everything even kitchenwares up to the Christmas candles and other Christmas essentials. In Gedächtniskirche, glassblowers, wood-carvers and puppet builders and other craftsmen roam around the area and offer their masterpieces to the visitors. The Nostalgic Market at the Opernpalais includes Christmas bakery which could be a perfect gift. Crafts, furnitures, jewelries and toys coming from different continents of the globe are also presented in the Christmas markets of Berlin.

Gift giving is one of the ways of spreading your love and blessings this joyful season of Christmas. But it doesn’t matter how expensive or where did they came from, what’s important is that it was given from the bottom of our hearts.

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