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Bern Christmas Gifts

Bern Christmas Gifts Bern, the capital city of Switzerland and World Cultural Heritage Site, is a beautiful and attractive tourist destination. The city houses few of the best Christmas markets of Europe that exude an aura of grandiose with their unique gifts and souvenirs.

You’ll find special candles, gifts and handmade souvenirs. Glühwein will help to warm you up again, and there are plenty of stalls offering snacks and nourishment. A visit to one of the legendary restaurants in the Old Town – either the 350-year-old Klötzlikeller or the Kornhauskeller – turns a visit to this magical market into something really special.

The streets and alleys are aglow with the warm light escaping from living rooms. Little Christmas trees decorate the facades of the houses, adding to the romantic mood. The Old Town houses, dating from the 15th to 17th centuries, provide a incredible and unique backdrop for the distinctive Bern Christmas Market. The main shopping streets in Bern are Spital and Maktgasse, which are situated at the center of the Old town of Bern. It is interesting to note that Bern has the longest covered shopping promenades of Europe, which makes it further special.

The two notable Christmas markets of Bern are at the Waisenhausplatz and at the Münster or cathedral. The former offers a variety of Christmas artifacts, and souvenirs, while the latter is known for its handicrafts namely glassware, hand-weavings, wooden objects, and ceramics. Besides these Christmas markets, mention must be made of Bundesplatz and Bärenplatz, which are essentially summer markets. Savor the scrumptious local cuisines and soak in the festive spirit while shopping, we bet the charm of dazzling Christmas markets will leave you asking for more.