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Christian Christmas Trivia Christmas is a Christian inspired holiday. There are many Christian traditions and symbols that have been handed from generation to generations. At the same time, these tradition and symbols have originated all from different countries but has still remained known throughout the world.

During the Roman era, about 336 A.D., Christmas was first mentioned and celebrated. The date was actually set to be for celebrating the Unconquered Sun. However, this is considered a pagan belief. This is why it was replaced with a Christian celebration. Actually, birthday celebrations were also considered as a pagan belief. Still, it was used to replace such.

Roman tradition also started a gift-giving tradition. However, this used to be more of a gift for the emperors. Those who are loathed citizens were to bring gifts for the emperors. This then spread to the common people as time passed. This is in contrast with the common knowledge that the gift-giving tradition is from the gifts given by the Magi.

The angels depicted at the birth of Jesus was also said to wish ‘peace on earth’ which in a Biblical sense would mean that there be peace with the sacrifice that would Jesus would make for the earth.Five hundred years before the birthday of Jesus, prophet Micah was already able to predict the coming of the Messiah.

Although many believe that the birth of Jesus is said to mark the Roman calendar, there is actually no 0 A.D. Technically, the date would have been 1 A.D. However, the date in now accepted to be around 4 or 5 A.D.
Christians celebrate Christian with ardor, but there are some religions that celebrate it with Christian wherever they are in the world. At the same time, this is a celebration that usually transcends all religion with its universal theme of goodwill to all men.

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