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Christmas Angels CraftsOn every Christmas the most heavenly and holy decoration is always the angel on top of the Christmas tree and making it and placing it there has always been the most exciting event in Christmas preparations. There are many angels that can be made. It depends on the type of angel you make and the difficulty level as there are many kinds of angels which you can make. The difficulty level will bother you if you are only creative for Christmas. For people who are of an artistic type the most difficult angles to make will also be a fairly easy job.

You could create a typical little pretty paper angel which could be a classroom project or you could decorate your child’s room with it.

From coffee filters or paper cloth you could twist them in the right directions and create a very easily made angel which looks perfect. It could be decorated more and color could be added to sparkle it up.

A very attractive and brightly colored angel can be made from clothespin and many other materials but its difficulty level is a bit higher and bigger girls would make this as it takes some trick and effort to create a lovely heavenly being. You could place this on top of the Christmas tree if you create her dress with a very bright and shiny cloth.

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Turn you snowman into a snow angel! Make a snowman out of white or light blue paper and stick it on a cardboard. Then you attach a tiny scarf, buttons, and paint some details on it to create the perfectly adorable snowman angel.

You could create the heavenly stain glass angel with some PVC glue, some stiff cord and poster paints. On a flat porcelain surface make the outline of an angel with the stiff cord and glue it together adding as much detail as you want. Next fill in the spaces between the outline with the glue with added paint color of your choice. Fill in the entire angel with glue. Leave it to dry and when it is dry peel it off the porcelain surface. You can stick the angel directly on your windows at home.

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