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Christmas Balls Ornament

Christmas Balls OrnamentChristmas tree and doll up with a numerous ornaments as stars, moons, bead ornaments, ribbons, lights and creative ball ornaments. These ball ornaments can be created quite easily and each in a unique way.

Ornament ball can be easily created with the help if cotton. Just take a piece of enough cotton that can be rolled up in the form of ball. Then with the help of glue you can stick two beads or button as the eyes on face and similarly add a bead to the nose area. With the help of ribbon make a smiley face. In the last add a string or the nylon wire to hang it on the tree. The type of cotton balls can be created in various colors just keeping the green (tree) color at bay in order to let the other colors get highlighted easily when decorated on the tree.

Another way of creating creative ball is to take table tennis sized ball. Let these balls wrap in the foil sheet. Different metallic color wrapping sheets are also easily available in the market. These balls can be furthermore wrapped in these sheets of different metallic colors. That really adds glow and charm to the Christmas tree when decorated.

Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament Christmas Balls Ornament
We can also tie some ribbons on the balls in the form of pretty knots. That can be more creative idea to add these ribbons of different suitable contrasts. Balls can also be created with the help of craft papers of different colors. That can be simple, inexpensive and creative idea as well. We can collect the old jewelry that is no more used for wearing. We can make hanging small ornaments out of that material as well. Like ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, anklets etc can really come in hand at this time.

Other ornament balls can be made our of plastic and crystal balls, as they are transparent and frosted texture, we can fill them up with glitter particles, glitter glue, and let them tie up with a ribbon or string of either silver or golden color. We can also take the ribbon of any metallic suitable color. And let them hang up all around the tree.

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