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Christmas BellsToday, Christmas bells are such an integral part of our holiday celebration that it is hard to imagine the Christmas season without the appealing sound of bells ringing.
Christmas bells also known as “Jingle Bells”, or “Silver Bells”, signify joy and happiness, and they are considered very auspicious by the people celebrating Christmas all over the world. Children of all ages delightfully wait for the ringing of Christmas bells as they indicate the arrival of Christmas or Santa Claus.
Nowadays, Christmas bells are a common part of our Christmas celebrations. We use bells to decorate. The front door of most homes is usually adorned with Christmas bells to make a pleasant noise as guests enter our homes during the Christmas season. Christmas bells are also widely popularized in many Christmas songs such as Jingle Bells and Silver Bells. Christmas bells make a festive embellishment to the outside of your Christmas presents, so consider affixing a small Christmas bells onto your wrapped Christmas presents this holiday season.
Tolling of bells had their origin in the pagan winter festivals and celebrations. It was believed that the noise would drive away the evil spirits. But using the bell just to ward off the evil was not enough, later the bells started being used for other purposes as well.
Tolling of bells by and large signify any event, good or bad. Bells are rung to announce to the world the birth of the messiah Jesus Christ. Christmas bell history traces the origin of the Christmas bells.

Bells are a vital part of any church either in the villages or in the urban area. Christmas bell history enlightens the people on this aspect. The young children of the olden times thought making a noise were part of celebrating the birth of Christ. Using the bells for merry making was an idea that caught on with the times. Musical instruments were not affordable to many and Christmas bells made the perfect substitute. Further, the bells could be taken with the people to the church, they could be used for carols. Such advantages made the bells popular quite quickly. From the Christmas Bell History, we find that tolling of the church bells informed the people of any event in the neighborhood. These Christmas bells portray the true essence and spirit of the festival and are used to decorate the Christmas trees and the front doors of the houses. Christmas bells are a common part of Christmas celebrations.
The Christmas bells produce very strong vibes that generates a new hope, a new vision with a hope of some Great revolution and change. These bells emit gentle and soothing tunes that produce a very calm and comforting environment and gives peace to the mind and soul
Christmas Bells are of major significance as these Bells are rung at Christmas to announce and celebrate the birth of Jesus. The propitious ringing of the bells has its emergence in the Pagan religion when people considered it important to ring the bells to keep away the evil spirits. However, with the fusion of the sacred aspects of Pagan religion and Christianity, ringing of the bells also became essential element of Christmas celebration. In fact Christmas is now actually identified with the beautiful tunes of bells.
Every Christmas bell is based on a certain melody and rhythm that takes its tunes from different lyrics which makes it more beautiful and appealing. These lyrics are particularly done for the children who sing it with great enthusiasm and excitement.

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Bells are typically rung to announce a major life event or occasion. They are rung on both joyous and sad occasions including both weddings and funerals. Bells are rung at Christmas to announce and celebrate the birth of Jesus.

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