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Christmas Bible Trivia Christmas is the time of the year when everyone is kept busy with shopping, gifting, last minute work, holiday accommodations as well as party invites. Everyone seems to forget some things about the real meaning of the season. Here are some trivial things about the coming season.

Do you know that prior to the birth of Jesus, prophets have already predicted it? In the Holy Bible, there are many parts of the Old Testament has accounts of Jesus’ conception. This is particularly stated in the book of Isaiah, which was further stated in the Gospel of Matthew and John. Other prophets, Micah, Zechariah and Malachi, were also able to predict such event. Apparently, even the event of having a virgin mother and the place of birth were prophesized.Aside from this, do you know that the Bible also recognize the presence of Jesus’ siblings. This is stated in Mark and Matthew. During the Christmas season, many stories states that the animals have spoken during that holy event. However, this is not supported by any account in the Bible.

There are also some stories that speak of the shepherd being told by the angels to worship the baby Jesus. In Luke, the shepherds merely went and ‘see’ the baby born in the manger. Upon their return, they were worshipping God.The Gospel of Luke also speaks of the angels who were able to announce ‘on earth peace, goodwill toward men’. This actually has deeper, more meaningful significance for the world as well as for the relationship among all human.

Christmas also pictures Nativity with the baby Jesus in the manger with the Magi. However, in the accounts in the Bible, it is said that the Magi reached Jesus when he was already walking and talking. These accounts can be found in the Gospel of Matthew.

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