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Christmas Candle IdeasChristmas candle making can be a lot of fun if you involve the children and the family as a whole. Each person has a different idea and creativity is necessary for even knowing and evaluating your children’s mental development as well as creating that Christmas atmosphere in advance.

Once one has made the candles as they wish it becomes a combination of art from the whole and surely each will be feel proud displaying their talents which normally is an expression of the inner self.

Making Christmas candles at home can be exciting. There are materials available for this activity in the market and by the end of the day one can make a lot of saving and produce what one really needs and remain very unique with the candle production you have.

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Some of the important things to have are:

• Have gel wax and tiny beads that can be mixed with the gel to bring about glitter in the candle long before it is lit.

• Before setting up to make any candle, it is advisable to make a drawing in a paper to so as to guide you into the final product.

• There is a glue paste which is blue in colour and if pasted on craft stones, can capture the people’s attraction thus bringing glitter into the Christmas occasion.

• On top of the ready Christmas decorations, one can use glue paste to stick pictures relating to Christmas like the Santa Claus, star, magi or even the snowman depending on the colour of the decoration.

• Broken pieces of glass can as well be glued to Christmas decorations or small pieces of paper with different colours and this brings pleasure to any eye that meets the decoration.

• To make a difference with others, one can use ribbons or stings with some colour to tie and arrange the candles in an ascending order and on reaching the top start descending order again. This forms an upside down ‘V’ shape and if wind blows the ribbons fly in unison adding décor into the art.

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