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Christmas Carol Trivia

Christmas Carol Trivia There is one country in Asia when Christmas is actually marked during the first day of the first month with a –ber on its name (that is the first of September). The day when most radio stations would play Christmas carols just to mark that the Holiday season is on its way.

However, there are actually some less known facts about Christmas carols. Dating back from the early 18th century or about the Middle Ages, the Christmas carols are played with matching dances. This is probably because the word has a French origin which means dance song. The song is also more associated with religious joy. Another fine explanation why carols are related to verse – refrain is because of the medieval English songs. The usual themes were about the Virgin Mary or the child Jesus. The 16th century marked the least popularity of carols which was revived (thankfully) by the mid-18th century.

Among the most popular Christmas carols are “Hark the Herald Angels Sing”, “Silent Night” and “Twelve Days of Christmas”. Hark the Herald Angels Sing actually suggests that the angels san during the birth of Jesus but this not supported by any verse in the Bible. Silent Night is perhaps the most famous Christmas carol. It is traced back in 1818 to priests from Austria, named Joseph Mohr and Franz Gruber, who first played it with guitar accompaniment. However, it was only Bing Crosby that popularized the song, when he played this in The Bells of St. Mary’s in 1945.

Twelve Days of Christmas is also one famous Christmas carol which would actually overwhelm you with gifts. If you would actually receive all the gifts in this song, you would be getting 364 gifts all in all. This ought to inspire someone to give all these present for the coming season.

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