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Christmas Crafts for Kids

Kids Christmas craftsJingle bells, jingle bells jingle all the way! Among these wonderful arts and creations are the crafts which have been especially made for kids. The crafts are a part of the preparations for Christmas and keep the kids’ busy while you are busy cleaning up the house for Christmas! The crafts are easy to make and require only materials from the house which are very common like egg shells, juice cartons, wires, cardboard boxes, colored papers, coloring pencils, crayons, thread and glue and many more everyday items. Paint colors can be mixed and form a rainbow pattern on your crafts. Among very interesting and creative crafts loved by kids are described as follows:-

The Reindeer puppet and figure: This is made from a paper bag, or a lunch bag. As it is brown in color the bag forms the reindeer with a face drawn on it and paper cut handprints are attached as the antlers. A paper reindeer can also be made from a footprint and 2 handprints cut out from colorful paper, all 3 attached to make a reindeer figure.

The Angel: Made from a paper plate the angel in drawn on it and colored then it is cut out and attached.

The star is made from card board with two stars cut out and attached so that it can stand on a surface.

Kids Christmas crafts Kids Christmas crafts Kids Christmas crafts Kids Christmas crafts Kids Christmas crafts Kids Christmas crafts Kids Christmas crafts
Among other creations you can make a wreath with handprints and green colored paper. Attach a red bow in the centre to make it a complete wreath.

The traditional Christmas stocking can be made from a brown paper bag. You can stick colored Xmas stickers on it. You can make a fireplace with a few brown paper bags and red paint.

Other crafts are the candy train made from wrapped candies, the poinsettia made from colorful handprints on paper plates. Others are the handprint and paper Christmas trees and snowman made from white glue and paper

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