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Christmas Day Trivia

Christmas Day Trivia Christmas day is probably one of the most celebrated holidays in the world. This date is also the 359th day of the year. There are many things that have made this day one that is memorable for everyone. However, December 25th is actually just a designated date for the birth of Jesus. There are many accounts that points to a different date.

Some historians believe that the actual date is towards the end of September up to October. Christmas day was only designated with the date to replace the Roman pagan festival. Even if birthday celebrations are considered as a near pagan belief, early Christian leaders opt for the celebration of Jesus’ birthday than the pagan celebration. This was further supported by the gift- giving festivity of St. Nicholas. Giving and receiving gifts may sound exciting during the Holiday season. But there are actually some children and people who receive their gifts later than the 25th of December. Parents in France actually have their gifts on New Year’s Day rather on Christmas, while children in Mexico and Italy receive their gift on January 6th. Children in Italy traditionally believe that La Befana deliver their toys and gifts.

In Syria, children also receive their gift on January 1st. This is said to be brought by the smallest camel. In place of milk and cookies, children leave water and hay in front of the house for the smallest camel. This is said to be because the smallest camel brought the gifts of the Magi to the Baby Jesus.

In the US, Christmas day was not legal holiday. The first state which declared it as a holiday is Alabama, while the last state to declare it as a legal holiday is Oklahoma. Today, almost every country in the world celebrates and has December 25th as a holiday.

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