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Christmas Decoration IdeasThe festival of all festivals that is Christmas has many traditions embodied in it. The Christmas tree, Mid Night Mass, Santa Claus, and Christmas decorations are some of these.

Clearly many of these practices do not have a Christian origin. The decoration, inclusive of the universal symbol of the festivities, is the Christmas tree, which itself has become a part of the Christmas decorations only since the 16th Century, originating in Germany. Reformist Martin Luther was instrumental in starting the practice. Many Christians believe the festivities surrounding Christmas are to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus Christ the savior. While this may be so, there is evidence to point out that the festival predates the birth of Jesus Christ and was a pagan ritualistic practice during the Winter solstice. These rituals included the use of Evergreen boughs and the worship of trees.
The centre Piece of Christmas Decorations is the Christmas tree. From Germany the practice spread to England in the 18th Century, from where it spread to all corners of the British Empire and the Christian Kingdoms. It is also believed the tradition was taken to the United States by German emigrants about two centuries ago.

Apart from the Evergreen being used as the Christmas tree, there are other plants used traditionally as Christmas decorations or symbols. For example;

• plants such as Poinsettia,
• Holly, Mistletoe,
• Red Amaryllis,
• Christmas Cactus etc.

The other decorations used during Christmas are;

• Christmas Bells (of tinsel, wood, metal or silvery plastic material)
• Candles (Wooden, ceramic or plastic)
• Candy cane (Wooden, ceramic, plastic etc.)
• Stockings (Wooden, Ceramic or plastic)
• Wreaths (Plastic)
• Angels figurines (Ceramic, plastic etc.)
• Baubles or Balls (Glass or plastic)
• Santa Claus (Wooden, Ceramic or Plastic)
• Snow Flakes (Plastic)
• Stars (Tinsel, Metal, Foil or plastic)
• Tinsel Garlands Foil, Metal etc.)
• Pickle (plastic ) and
• The Tree Topper or Star (Metal or plastic)

These are used to decorate the Christmas tree, entrances, walls, Crèches etc. Many of these would also be used out doors, as appropriate.
The Christmas Decorations which are kept in place even after Christmas will be dismantled on the 5th of January, known as the Twelfth Night.
These will be carefully packed and stored till the next time around.

A practice that started in the beginning of the last century, which took nearly half a century to catch up with the masses, is the electrical illumination.
Though the decorations have been available since eighteen eighties, the commercial production commenced a half century later and the item became affordable to the average person only a further 25 years on. The strings of Incandescent lamps called C7 or C9, depending on the size, were the first on the scene in home decoration. Later Bubble lights, midget lights, LED lights and now the fiber optic lights have entered the scene, opening many vistas for the decorators.

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However this has become such an important part of Christmas Decoration, one can only wonder how we managed all that time without it!

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