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Christmas DesignsChristmas is a time to be joyous and to remember our friends and loved ones. It is a time for people to get together and spend time with each other. One common habit during the season is for people to exchange gifts and cards. Some people prefer to buy already made gifts to their loved ones while others prefer to go the traditional way and make the Christmas gift designs by themselves.

During the Christmas holiday season, there are various vibrant and attractive Christmas designs that can be found in the market. They come in different themes and portray different feelings. They may convey a hilarious feeling, peaceful state, serious attitude, artful feeling, or be simply beautiful. Christmas designs are a great way of enhancing furniture, fabrics, wall and other home accessories.

The main application of Christmas design is in making Christmas cards, Christmas gifts and Christmas stitch crafts. The designs can be easily done by any person, from beginners to experts. In any Christmas season, you can bring colour, light and a festive spirit by applying or using the following Christmas designs:

Christmas Coasters: These are mini Christmas patterns which are made to fit aperture cards or round coasters which are 3 inches in length. In this design, gold is the main material that is used to make the pattern.

Natural Silver Swirls Batik: This type of batik is hand-made from mulberry paper that is acid-free. After making the design, it is applied onto the paper by pressing it with hot wax and coloured hues or dyes. Metallic paints are then used to paint the patterns. You cannot go wrong when you want a sparkle or a splash of colour in making creative Christmas decoration, doing an artwork or a gift wrap when you use natural silver swirls batik.

Black Work Christmas Star: If you are a beginner, this black work piece is for you. It only has two patterns and it’s stitched as a Christmas greeting card or a decoration. You can also frame it for displaying on the mantelpiece during the Christmas festival.

Victorian Floral and Foliated Border Patterns: These elegant patterns feature single displays of blossoms of flax, bellflowers, clematis, comfrey, sunflowers and bindweed. They also have attractive border motifs. The patterns are best placed at windows, doors, cards, and other strong and reusable plastic stencils.

Christmas Angels Lavender Lace Designs: This design features various Christmas cross-stitch patterns that depict cute Christmas angels. The Angel of Christmas design looks lively with her beautiful eyelids. Get the angel, stitch her and pass her on to your loved ones this coming Christmas.

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Apart from the above Christmas design, there are many other designs which are available. They range from simple patterns to very elaborate and complicated ones. If you are a beginner at making Christmas designs, you should probably start with the above listed designs. If you are experienced in the designs and want a bigger challenge, you should try your hands with the more advanced designs.

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