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Christmas Dress‘Christmass Dress’ is supposed to be a topic of this article, but not being a dress specialist (as I am a man) it was quite a hard task to write about Christmas Dress even a couple of words. So I kindly ask all the girls reading this article, to forgive me my possible mistakes… I decided to make some research on the topic of Christmas Dress on the Internet – here you’ve got the results:

At first I was really amazed by the number of websites on Christamas Dresses – there are nearly three million websites most of which are not just sites with information, but they are merchant stores, where you can buy a Christmas Dress of your choice. The majority of these is so vast, that it would be for sure impossible for any of you to wear all of them, if you even change a particular Christmas Dress of your choice every day for another one.

One year has 365 days, and every four years there is one extra day, so assume (I wish it all of you from the depth of my heart, sweetheart) you live one hundred years – it gives a total of 36 525 days of your life. So if you would like to try all the three millions of dresses on you would have to change your clothes more than 82 times a day. Exactly 82,135523613963039014373716632444 dresses should be tried on daily to be sure you know them all, to be sure no other girl will have a nicer dress than you..

christmas dress christmas dress christmas dress
christmas dress christmas dress christmas dress
Ok… Let us stop jokes because I dont want to be fired for such writing… Well… The fact is, that there are lot of dresses to choose from. Dependently on what you like / dislike, there are plenty of designs to suit yor taste. One of my favourite ones, as described by the producer: Elegant Long Christmas Dress , Elegant and luxurious red dress with white marabou trim. It has also matching red gloves and a Santa Claus hat (58$). The other that is exactly to my taste was a Christmas dress advertised as: Pixie fairy dress in red with dual white vertical stripe design and white marabou trim.

If it came to facts, I would like to how much I was astonished when I found Christmas Dress for Teddy Bear. Then I proceeded to discover a great number of Christmas Dresses for dolls – that I can understand – though dolls are supposed to potray women, but kind of a great of the shock for me was when I found a dress, yes, a Christmas one for… A dog!

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