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Christmas FlowersChristmas is a time of celebration. The occasion promises life, enthusiasm, love, care, affection, and family bond. Christmas is a true essence of color and flavor. So, without the presence of flowers, the celebration is not at all complete. Christmas flowers, as their name implies, are typically used during Christmas time. They are the popular group of flowers. It is the integral part of Christmas decorations.

During Christmas time, you can use flowers to decorate your Christmas tree or your house. You may also send flowers to those you really care. Typically, the range of Christmas flowers include the names of Christmas cactus, Holly, Mistletoe, Poinsettia, Christmas rose, Ivy and many others. These flowers can simply add a new dimension to the festive decoration. Some of these flowers even bloom during December itself, precisely at the time of Christmas.

Christmas is a time to welcome spring, to welcome life and rejoice vitality. So Christmas is a time to enjoy color. Each of the Christmas flowers has unique significance. However, each of the flowers implies peace, love and prosperity. Let this article explores different attributes of some of the Christmas flowers now.

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christmas flowerschristmas flowers christmas flowers

This flower has a great significance to Christians, Islam and Romans. It symbolizes good luck and fortune, delight and enjoyment. It is used for decorating houses during Christmas season. When you exchange holly flower with someone, it means you are appreciating friendship and love between each other. It symbolizes kindness and affection for each other. It is believed that this flower helps to restore tranquility in a relation and enhance love between each other. It is seen that people even sort out their internal disputes beneath holly tree.


Since pagan period, Mistletoe is respected as one of the important Christmas flowers. Even prior to the birth of Christ, Druid priests used Christmas flowers for their winter celebrations. Hence, it has an ancient value. They chose this flower because of its evergreen nature, even during the winter season. It is also believed that this flower has medicinal property which can be used as an antidote against infertility and poisonous biting. Scandinavians use this flower to represent peace and accord.

Christmas rose

The relation between Christmas celebration and Christmas flowers is very intimate. Christmas rose is considered as one of the true Christmas flowers. It is also known as Snow or winter rose. It is widely prevalent in the mountains of Central Europe.

Christmas rose has a religious and historical significance. It is directly associated with the birth of Christ.


Ivy is one of the important Christmas flowers. It is evergreen. It has a social significance as well. It symbolizes the image of dependent woman adhering to her man for securing her protection. It further symbolizes the affection, love and trustworthiness. It is equally true in both marriage and friendship. It also signifies spiritual significance. It represents inherent craving of human for the need of divine support. It stands for eternity and renaissance.

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