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Christmas Fruit Cakes

Christmas Fruit Cakes Ever heard the joke that there are jus a few fruit cakes out in the whole world? Many believe that fruit cakes are just recycled gifts given over and over until it reaches the original owner. Well, there is actually some truth to it. Not many likes fruit cakes. But actually these used to be so popular centuries ago.

Christmas fruit cakes actually trace back its history from being some humble bread popular during the holiday seasons. Originally it is called a plum porridge, which was once eaten as a food that ends fasting to mark the beginning of the holiday season. There is also a historical and symbolical meaning that is actually associated with fruit cakes. This goes well beyond the symbols of Christmas but also the political and economic structure of the society then. Back then, only wealthy families with oven are able to cook and eat fruit cakes.

These were made from oatmeal back then, however, during later year, most of the ingredients were replaced with more common ones today. Fruit cakes were not called such back then, they were also called Christmas pudding, which were mixed with different spices. Later, it was called Christmas cake. Sometime in the 18th century these were only served during occasions that serving such on ordinary days are prohibited.

These Christmas cakes were called such since most value the spices that were added in it. These spices were reminders of what the traditionally known gifts of the three Kings to the baby born in the manger of Bethlehem. This symbolical feature of fruit cakes are actually unknown to most of those who receive and give such as presents. The next time you may have received Christmas fruit cake, you might want to think of the symbol it connotes. Besides, you might yet to discover that fruit cake are not as bad as everyone thinks.

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