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Christmas Gift for Mom Choosing a Christmas Gift for Mom is about how personal the gift is between me and her. Ever since I was little, my mother was my rock. She taught me how to be a good person and disciplines me when I do wrong. She used to say: “I don’t like what you did, but it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. The act is bad, and you are not. Don’t do it again.” And she will forgive me. She always guided me until I had my own daughter; she was still there for me. The bond my mom and I share is unique. That is why every Christmas, I give her gifts from my heart to make her happy. Here are some of the gifts I gave her. Every gift she opened, she cried tears of joy.

  • A Silver Bracelet. It was inexpensive and simple. My message to her was: “Mom, I saw this bracelet at the mall and thought about the time when I lost your gold bracelet. I brought it to school and you were so mad because I didn’t tell you and I lost it. So, here is something to make you smile. I hope you’ll like it. Merry Christmas” She wore the bracelet everyday even when at home, so that she wouldn’t lose it again, she said.
  • A Can of Chocolate-Coated Almonds and Macadamia. My message to her was: “Hi Mom! Merry Christmas. This is for you. Happy Eating! I know… I can afford to give it to you now like what I promised you when I was in the 1st grade.” She wanted to buy those nuts 20 years ago but we were tight on budget. I promised her that one day, I’d buy her some.
  • Cell phone. My message to her was: “Merry Christmas, girlfriend! This is how we get in touch ok? Keep it close every single minute of the day and text me when you’re bored. Welcome to the 21st century mom.” I just wanted to feel secured, that at any time, I can call her and talk to her.

Christmas Gift for Mom These gifts are not expensive at all. It may be common but every gift has a story. That makes her Christmas. You can do it too. Just think of those moments with your mom.

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