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Christmas Glass Ornament

christmas glass ornamentsChristmas plain glass ornaments create elegant decorations throughout the Christmas, but they can be more adorable when they are enriched. To make ornaments, start with clear glass ball ornaments and adds decorative elements to place on your tree illuminate your home.

You can fill plain glass ornaments with different objects in order to make symbolized stuff of glass to improve your Christmas tree. You can also fill glass with seashells and sand, if you like the beach. It will further enrich their look.

Draw different objects, scenes, or other images related to Christmas on both inner and outer sides of glass ornaments. In order o draw inside of it, pour a little quantity of paint through top and let it flow down by side of the glass ornament. Repeat this process in order to make stream in different colors around the inside sides of the ornament. For a simplistic project, you are encouraged to directly paint the exterior side of the Christmas ornament, hiding all or some of the clear glass. A letter can also be written with a glitter pen on the outer side of these glass ornaments.

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If you possess some cunning tricks, you are encouraged to switch the plain glass ball ornament into a fine snowman. For this, use some synthetic white snow to fill the inside of the glass ball. For the snow, you can also use little strips of a thin white plastic bag or pieces of white paper. Now, cut small circles, put a black dot in the center of the circles and glue them on the outer wall of the ornament, in order to make the eyes. Then from an orange colored paper, cut a long triangle the nose. You can use any other color paper too.

Now comes the more tricky part, which is the production of top hat of the snowman. Cut a scone shape of a black felt. Fit it around a black film container, which will make the edge. Put the hat on top of the snowman you made. It would be great if you also glue a red ribbon to the hat’s top.

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