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Christmas History Trivia Christmas is the day when the birth of Jesus is celebrated, but do you now that some contends about this date? And that there are some who argue about the Magi’s presence? And that the celebration was not as many believe a Christian root? That the roots of the celebration are not as Christian as many believes? And that even the roots of some tradition of Christmas is not as sympathetic as today’s?

There are many historians who believe that that Jesus might have been born in late September or early October? This is said so because of the presence of the shepherds who were still tending their flocks. If the month would have been December, then they would have had the flock home and in covered area since that is already a winter month. During the birth of Jesus, many also believes that the Magi have come riding camels to where Jesus was born. However, some historians believe that the Magi may have reached Jesus when he was already about 2 years old.

Christmas is also said to be Jesus’ birthday. However, since Jesus is a Jew, he does not celebrate birthdays. At the same time, birthday celebrations are thought of as of paganistic roots. Early Christian leaders have put the birth of Jesus in place of the Roman festivity of welcoming the Unconquerable Sun. This is to replace the festivity with some Christian celebration rather than a pagan gala.

Gift-giving is though of as one humane act during the Holiday season. However, this traces its roots from Roman emperors ordering those that are suspected to be enemy of the ruler to give gifts. Thus, many of those common people were to present gifts to the emperor for the Roman feast to welcome the Sun. This only spread to common people with good intentions after a long time.

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