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Christmas in Alaska

Christmas in Alaska Christmas in Alaska, just like in any other American state, is celebrated during the 25th of December. Alaskan Christmas also carries the traditional symbols like Santa Claus in sleigh being pulled by his reindeers, the mistletoe, the snowmen, the carolers, the Christmas balls, and the gifts under the Christmas tree.

Alaskan people consider Christmas as their major festival. During this season, rituals are in full swing and are practiced everywhere. Christmas songs and hymns will be heard in most homes as the family digs in to a feast of foods that includes cookies, doughnuts, candies, and fish pies. The carolers are also invited inside to join the feast. Though Alaskans have seafood, families prepare for the traditional baked Christmas dinner. This is a custom well-loved by families not only in Canada but also in other countries.

The perpetual whiteness of Alaskan Christmas due to snow and the breath-taking blue sky makes their Christmas more meaningful. Children, with the aid of their parents, make snowmen in front of their houses. They sometimes also put Christmas lights on it to produce a glowing effect during the Christmas Eve.

Exchange gift also makes a good family bonding. As they open their gifts under the Christmas trees covered with multi-colored lights, happiness is shared. Traditional gifts include alarm clocks, notebooks, sweaters and shirts.

When the clock strikes 12, ushering the Christmas Eve, families gather in the common room to open their respective presents. Outside, the dark sky will be lighted up by stunning fireworks display. After all gifts have been opened, each family member is expected to say ‘thank you.’ Giving is always the spirit of Christmas and Alaskans always keep this in mind.

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