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Christmas in Argentina

Christmas in Argentina Going to church during Christmas Eve is an important tradition for Argentinians. Besides spending time inside the church to practice their faith, they also gather at home for casual celebration. The usual meals for dinner include pork, roasted turkey, specially-made Christmas bread and pies.

The way youth and adults splurge Christmas in Argentina oftenly differ. The young Argentinians enjoy watching fireworks coloring the cold sky, while the others dance in glee with all-time favorite Christmas songs. Cold drinks such as beer and cider are served during the night before the opening of gifts hid under Christmas trees.

Argentinians are good in drinking for the toast right after midnight. Variety of chopped fruits and mixes are prepared for the cherishing of the occasion. Besides beer, juice is also a desired drink in the list.

Bonding within the family, relatives, and friends is something essential to the culture of Argentinians. They are fond of interacting with each other especially during Christmas. One thing they never forget during this time is the importance of giving presents to one another as a sign of love and affection. Kids can be seen underneath the Christmas trees displayed in the living rooms of Argentinians. For the young ones, opening the presents is one of the highlights for Christmas. Another thing they look forward to is the coming of Father Christmas. Considering this, kids leave their shoes outside in the hope that Father Christmas will put something they want to have on their shoes.

Usually, they talk a lot about their family lives and personal lives or they just play simple games while singing. Christmas in Argentina can be that simple but they treasure the holiday within each other’s heart.

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