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Christmas in Australia

Christmas in Australia Christmas in Australia
Even wondered what normally happens during Christmas in Australia? Well, basically, the most prominent happening in that large mass of land is the temperature rising up to 30 degrees Celsius during the Christmas season.

Australian families spend Chrstimas dinner eating roasted turkeys, porks, hams and desserts such as Christmas plum pudding which tastes good when enflamed first. In the past years, Australians prefer having gold nuggets inside their favorite Christmas puddings, but later on, their choice swerved to small favors. Whenever you have the favor, you are believed to have good luck for the coming year. Many Australians are amazed with this, although there are also those who do not indulge themselves into such belief.

Besides having Christmas dinners, Australians also prefer having picnics outdoors. They also like being under the heat of the sun on local beaches while others go to swimming pools. They are into different kind of sports during this season where everyone is alive and inspired to cherish every moment with loved ones.

Other traditions during Christmas in Australia sprouted throughout the past century. One of which is the gathering of a great number of people in Melbourne City. On that place, all of the people there sing to the tune of their favorite songs for the Christmas season. The event is called “Carols by Candlelight” because all of the participants in the said event have to light candles in their hands. The event amuses many other countries throughout the globe because of its sophistication.

Australians believe in Santa Claus inasmuch as having Santa Claus personalities on the beaches and over surfboards for the entertainment of everyone. They are also particular with Christmas decorations because they want to make the most out of the holiday.

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