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Christmas in Austria

Christmas in Austria By and large, Christmas in Austria is somewhat similar from how other countries started it. Christmas in Austria begins with St. Nicholas’ feast on the sixth day of December. St. Nicholas is also called Heiliger Nikolaus. It is when the saint and the devil inquire about the good and bad deeds of children. Of course, those children who are good receive items such as gifts, toys, sweets and foods.

Austrians spend their Christmas Eve on having dinner together with their families. Gifts are kept under Christmas trees, and these are only opened after the said dinner.

When it comes to Christmas music, chorales play brass musical instruments such as organs and pianos in the celebration of the Christmas Eve, while many other individuals go door after door to sing carols. The different thing about their carols is that they carry along with them blazing torches and a manger. After singing Christmas songs, they go to church to practice their faith with other people.

Did you know that the famous Christmas song entitled “Silent Night” was first heard in 1818 in the village church of Oberndorf in Austria? There is even this kind of folklore that comes with the trivia. It is said that during one Christmas Eve, the priest of that church discovered that the organ was not working properly. For the villagers, Christmas is merely forgotten if there will be no music accompanying it. The priest later on sought advice from the organist named Franz Bauer. He showed to the organist the new Christmas hymn that he was able to write. Bauer was fast on composing a tune for the hymn and so it was played on the guitar, and not the organ. From there on, “Silent Night” came out of the open. The villagers openly accepted the song and so was everyone else around the world.

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