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Christmas in Bahamas

Christmas in Bahamas In the Bahamas, Christmas time is a great time for carnival having different kind of activities that everyone can enjoy. Traditional Christmas activities are very much observed such as giving out of Christmas cards, musicals and carolings, gift giving or exchange gifts, masquerades and other feasts.

Santa Claus as a symbol of giving during the season is exemplified in the streets of Bahamas whenever people who dress as Santa Claus offer toys, candies, sweets, and other gifts to children. Meanwhile, inside the houses of families, they prepare Christmas dinners that they can freely devour with the rest of their relatives and friends. They are fond of inviting people over to join them during Christmas Eve. Gifts under the Christmas trees can be opened afterwards and everyone has the right to dance along sweet and jolly music. Almost all houses put up Christmas trees in their homes to give more splendors to the occasion with all its twinkling lights and glowing ornaments.

People who live in Bahamas love to cook foods that entice their taste and pleasure. Some of the most common foods they eat during the holiday season are apples, grapes, pepper pots black cakes among others. Before they spend their celebration inside their houses, they clean it thoroughly.

Celebration for them is something worth their time especially when it has something to do with their faith and belief. During Christmas, they see to it that they commemorate the birth of their savior Jesus Christ by means of spending time together and keeping love the core value of the holiday season. More importantly, the point of staying with the rest of the family keeps Christmas a vital occasion for the people in Bahamas.

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