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Christmas in Belarus

Christmas in Belarus Christmas in Belarus is spent during the winter season. This means that they have white Christmas during the commemoration of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ. Belarus is an eastern European country of which population composes of descendants from Baltic tribes and several Eastern Slavic tribes.

There are several beliefs that rooted from the society of Belarus, and so they now spend Christmas in a more fashionable yet broader way.

However, the Catholic and even the Orthodox churches have implemented customs for celebrating Christmas. It can be considered that bringing more meaning to eternal life returning can only bring more difficult answers and explanations. People in Belarus take time on dressing as animals and other beasts that show eccentricities. Inside their churches, beyond all the decorative ornaments they have, they also involve themselves into several sacral magic rites. Atheism was then under the umbrella of the country, although today, Christmas in Belarus took the effort on keeping the air low in Orthodoxy, Protestant, and even Catholic belief.

The celebration during these past years can be taken as somewhat normal or conventional. They put up Christmas trees as a decoration. They love to hang a lot of ornaments and keep presents under the tree for the children and the whole family to open on Christmas Day. There are Christmas trees with huge five-armed stars on top of them as a symbol of prosperity and joy. There are also other decorations like the Minsk which is showered with many Christmas lights and ornaments.

Their celebration goes on and on even up to New Year’s Day where they remain as happy and thankful as before. Surely, Christmas in Belarus are now spent the traditional way more than ever.

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