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Christmas in Brazil

Christmas in Brazil It can be noted that Brazilian culture was influenced by several different backgrounds since Brazil started out as a Portuguese colony. Christmas in Brazil has a lot of customs that can be tributed to its own heritage just like with any other celebrations that are owed to other countries or cultures.

One example of a borrowed tradition that is very much applied in the Christmas celebration of Brazil is the preparation of nativity scene in the northeastern part of Brazil. This is called Presepio, which is a Hebrew word that means bed of straw, on which baby Jesus slept in when he was in Betlehem.

Also, the Santa Claus figure has something to do with their culture. The famous Christmas personality who gives presents to good children is known to them as Papail Noel, which literally means Father Noel. This personality lives in Greenland and usually wears clothing that is silk. The costume is like that because of the hot sunny weather in Brazil.

For the Christmas dinner, they have what they call as Ceia de Natal as their feast of turkey, roasted ham, fruits and vegetables. They are also fond of eating rice.

Midnight masses called Missa Do Galo are celebrated by Catholic Brazilians. This particular mass regularly ends at 1 in the morning on Christmas day. By afternoon of Christmas day, masses are then held at churches in order to give way for those who want to spend the remaining time of the day on beaches.

By night, spectacular fireworks color the sky as more and more Brazilians gather to see giant Christmas trees being lighted up. True enough, Christmas in Brazil is always celebrated with such ardor and passion.

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