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Christmas in Bulgaria

Christmas in Bulgaria Christmas in Bulgaria has a touch of difference compared to other Yuletide celebrations around the world. Christmas Eve in Bulgaria is so much the same as the Christmas Day itself. They are not very much particular about what to do during Christmas Eve that they don’t have to do the next day or vice versa.

People in Bulgaria prepare celebratory but special and interestingly creative dinners for themselves. This above all has twelve dishes that obviously represent the twelve months of a year. They believe that each dish will bless each month of the succeeding year. One thing about the dishes is that none of which contains meat, and instead, focus on ingredients such as beans, nuts, cakes and dried plums. In this festivity, family members gather to eat dinner together as a whole. The tradition implies that participants of the festivity have to eat on straw. Another catch here is that all of them have to get off the table at the same time the moment they all finish eating dinner. There are many other traditions in the past that are no longer applied on their culture, yet this kind of festivity remained to be one of the prominent customs in Bulgaria.

They usually sing Christmas songs in the hope of wishing good health and wealth for everyone. It is believed that money and food are just two of the several items that they will be getting after singing altogether.

Many other celebrations are practiced all over the country. However, the very meaning of Christmas never failed to be diminished. Christmas in Bulgaria aims to tell each person living there that its essence lies on the heart of everyone.

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