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Christmas in California

Christmas in California Christmas in California has always been a perfect time for giving and personal retreats especially because it makes everyone cherish the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. An array of different traditions is observed since the occasion calls for everyone’s cooperation.

Decorative ornaments are apparent in the culture of those people who live in California. Dominantly, Christmas trees can be seen everywhere. There are two different kinds of Christmas trees: the artificial ones and the real ones. The artificial Christmas trees are popular to those who want to have the symbolic tree inside their homes, while others prefer to have real Christmas trees on their yards.

The whole family can enjoy decorating Christmas trees. Christmas lights, tinsels, creative garlands, and other kinds of materials can be used to heighten the spark of the occasion. Dinner together with the whole family can be enjoyed while playing music in the background. One famous meal for Christmas Eve is roasted turkey.

During the Advent season up until the very day of Christmas, people in California make the holiday as religious-oriented as possible by means of going to church and practicing their faith. There are even midnight masses that local churches held with chorals singing hymns.

Santa Claus is never forgotten by kids and young at hearts because he symbolizes giving and prosperity all throughout the year. The traditional hanging of socks in the hope of waking up in the morning with it having a gift from Santa Claus is done by children. Meanwhile, adults exchange gifts with one another in the spirit of Christmas.

Above everything else, never neglected is the true meaning of Christmas, and that is the remembering of the birth of the Savior of Christians.

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