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Christmas in Canada

Christmas in Canada The Christmas celebration of Canadians is of no difference from that of the Americans. During the Yuletide season, Canadians spend their time partying under flickering lights of dance clubs and exchanging gifts with their loved ones.

The popular winter festival that Eskimos look forward to whenever the Christmas season is coming is called Sinck Tuck. This extravagant festival features street parties and gift-giving as loud Christmas songs reverberate from big speakers.

Christmas in Canada During the twelve days of Christmas, children in masks, armed with drums and bells in hand, roam from door to door to ask for candies and other treats. The host will then open the doors for these kids to ask them if they have been good in the past year. If they say yes, the children will receive candies or other treats available from the host.

On Christmas Eve, everyone is invited to join the gathering at the common room. Variety of foods will be served to the guests but the traditional banquet called Reveillon will always be included. This is comprised of roast turkey, vegetables and sauce. In British Columbia, fresh or smoked salmon will also be provided in complement with the Christmas turkey. Fruity Christmas pudding follows for the dessert, then minced pies, dried fruits and nuts.

Families gather around the Christmas trees in preparation for the Christmas Eve. Canadian kids will be filled with excitement as their eagerness to see their gifts heightened. While they wait for the much-awaited Eve, they would burn their time watching the nightsky being lightened up by magnificent display of fireworks.

As the clock strikes 12, they will open their gifts and greet each other a very merry Christmas. Canadians then go to sleep after the Eve with smiles on their faces.

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