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Christmas in Chile

Christmas in Chile Christmas in Chile has not the faintest difference from any other countries that spend the holiday with their families; although variations can be apparent considering that dissimilar personalities populate the land.

If we look at where Chile lies on the globe, we can see that it is in the southern hemisphere. This makes Christmas in Chile land during summertime. Children who go to school can very much enjoy the holiday season because long summer days are for them to savor.

One famous Christmas figure they have in Chile is Viejito Pascuero. They sometimes call him “Papa Noel”. The Chilean calling means Old Man Christmas. The name may be different, but it is so much the same as how we perceive as Santa Claus who rides on a sleigh pulled by reindeers. Children are fond of him because he is believed to give presents to them.

For them, family bonding is something that must not be forgotten during the Yuletide season. Even though they are busy with their schoolings and works, they still manage to find time on making the most on decorating for Christmas. The traditional setup of decorations and ornaments can be seen on houses, offices, and public places. Christmas trees and Christmas lights make every night worthy of admiring due to its splendor.

During Christmas Eve, families dine together to delight in each other’s company. Most of the time, they cook dishes and invite friends and other relatives to join them on the special occasion.

What is very important to them is spending Christmas in Chile with the heart of its essence. They always look into it as the celebration of the birth of Lord Jesus Christ inasmuch as cherish it with all their passion and love.

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