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Christmas in Zimbabwe

Christmas in Zimbabwe If we look at the geographical location of Zimbabwe, we can see that it is one of the southern countries in Africa. Sandwiched between Zambia and South Africa, this country spends Christmas during a summer season which can be considered to be of different trend than any other countries.

Forget about the windy, cold evening that Christmas spirit in other places has. Although the weather is hot during this special time of their lives, they never forget to bring along with it their hearts and culture.

People in Zimbabwe always put native touches to their celebrations. During Christmas, or Kisimusi as they call it, giving present to children and family members is something that they have applied over the years.

For them, food is something that does not have to be out of the holiday. They do a lot of preparations ahead of time before the coming of the grand feast during Christmas. When they go to morning church services, chorales and children singing can be seen voicing out hymns for the Christmas season.

Christmas in Zimbabwe On church, there are times when feast is also given as a celebration. The meal is just served in one home. All of the women have chance on going to service while spending some time one by one on preparing for the food. Roasted oxens and goats are just some examples of what are stored for the meal. Relaxation can be done after the feast. They celebrate it more than they usually celebrate any other event of their lives.

The celebration still continues in the evening. They dance in the company of their loved one, sing joyful songs and gospels, and talk about their personal lives around one another.

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