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Christmas Light StringsChristmas Light Strings are none other than a string of colorful light bulbs that lined up for making a chain. These lights are available in various shapes and colors. In the celebration of holly Christmas, Light Strings provide a magnificent site. Christmas Light Strings are widely used to see on windows, stages, buildings, walls and restaurants. Trees are often decorated by it.

Christmas Light Strings have a life span of maximum 100,000 hours. These lights are available in a range of voltages such as 12V, 24V, 100V- 120V and 220V- 240V. The main purpose for their use is they put away low power and cause no heat. Christmas Light Strings are offered in various shapes such as rectangular, octagon, semi-circle and triangle.

The most well-liked Christmas Light Strings are C7 Christmas Light Strings; it is available in a variety of 25 feet chain to 50 feet chain with the maximum length of 100feet chain. C7 Commercial light strings are often used with a range of 1000 feet chain. Basically the section contains C7 and C9 Christmas Light Strings, specialty bulbs are preferred in making the chain. The bulbs used for C9 Christmas Light Strings are especially manufactured with waterproof bases. It also produced with resistant coating for holding up in rough weather conditions. They polish with affluent vibrant color. The C9 Christmas Light Strings attribute safety plugs with disposable 5amp fuses.

Now-a-days the multi colored LED Christmas Light Strings and wires are very trendy according to the market. It provides a range of advantages such as small size, long lamp life, energy saving and durability with low heat output. In addition, Christmas Light Strings offer astonishing devise elasticity in color changing, soften as well as distribution. Customized designs are also accessible as on customer’s request.

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Christmas Light Strings can be obtained through online shopping. There are numbers of reputed online stores from where you can choose your required Christmas Light Strings with the variety in colors, shapes and sizes.

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