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christmas ornamentHave you selected what Christmas Ornaments you want in your Christmas decorations this season? You may have some left over from the last holiday season and need only the basic items. On the other hand you may be thinking of buying the whole lot anew or adding some new ideas. It would be interesting to find out why and where it all began and what the newer developments are which can blend into your decoration theme this year.

The Christmas Ornaments are decorations which centre around the theme of Nativity, Christmas tree and sometimes Santa Claus; if there are any kids around.
It also provides a common forum where the Dad, Mom and the kids of the house get a chance to contribute personal decorations. What the kids contribute now may out last their childhood, as these are reused over and over. ( In the future this may not be strictly true, as more and more plastics are being used in place of much valued Glass, Ceramic, wooden and Metal ornaments that were used in your younger days).Traditionally Ornaments are used to decorate;
• The Christmas Tree
• The interior of the house (mainly the entrances and living room).
• Building exteriors and show rooms in the case of business establishments.

The central theme always appears to be the Christmas tree, which is a decoration derived from the pagan rituals in Winter Solstice, originating in Europe. Interestingly the original Christmas trees depicted ornaments not of winter themes but that of spring. The currently used Ornaments based on traditions introduced over the centuries include;

• Christmas Bells
• Candles
• Candy canes
• Stockings
• Wreaths
• Angel figurines
• Baubles or Balls
• Santa Claus
• Snow Flakes
• Stars
• Tinsel garlands
• Pickle and
• The Tree Topper or Star

Currently you will find that most of these are made of cheap Plastic material. Fresh natural wreaths with bows of red velvet and pine cones are, however, much valued because the aura of tradition these bring cannot be matched by any synthetic item. A new addition during the last century has been the electrical decorations, which added a new dimension to the whole scenario. Though these were first created in the 19th Century it took more than half a century for them to be available to the average Christian as an ornament. The beauty of it is that these could be blended into any theme of decoration, as the variations available are vast. The newest additions such as the LED lights, the Optical Fiber Lights and Laser Holograms seem to be ushering in a revolution in the Christmas ornament scene.

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The Holiday season will bring in fun to everyone, young and old. The traditions like Christmas Ornaments only enhance the happiness, the whole idea behind Christmas Festivities!

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