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Christmas QuizOne of the best ways to teach your children all about the Christmas is to buy them a book that tells the story of Baby Jesus and why people all over the word celebrate Christmas on Christmas day. Kids specially love colorful books showing them different aspects of Christmas such as the Christmas tree, decorating the Christmas tree, Baby Jesus, Star of Bethlehem, Santa Claus, stockings, angels, presents, Christmas carols and much more. You can make their learning about Christmas even more interesting through quizzes.

Christmas parties in which you expect lots of kids can be come are the best time to hold Christmas quiz contests. You can group the kids into teams and put forth some interesting questions with clues. The team that gives out most answers is the winner. Of course, begin the festive season every child gets gifts. However, this is a great way to let children know about different aspects of Christmas and the celebration surrounding Christmas.

Christmas Quiz Christmas Quiz Christmas Quiz
Christmas Quiz Christmas Quiz Christmas Quiz
Christmas quizzes can make family gatherings more fun and entertaining. Imagine a group of cousins of the same age sitting down with older family members and having a small Christmas quiz during Christmas holidays. It’s a great way to bond with people. Christmas quizzes conduced at school just before the Christmas holidays can bring out many informative and interesting things to students and they can tell about what they know back home.

If you are interested in holding Christmas quizzes for your Christmas party, you can go to some of the many toy stores or stationery stores close to your home to buy Christmas quiz books. You can see cross words puzzles in them too and you can actually do a bigger one from what you see in the book onto a chart which can be placed in the wall. You can have the children read out the answer by looking into the clues, while you fill the crossword on the chart. Christmas quizzes will be informative, fun, and entertaining for children and will keep the busy, engaged and occupied during Christmas holidays.

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