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Christmas Reindeer Crafts

Christmas Reindeer CraftsChildren of all ages love to decorate Christmas Reindeer Crafts with their creative thinking. One of the most interesting reindeer crafts is making cane reindeer. It belongs to one of the most creative activities that children would love to do. Candy cane reindeer is also considered as the most versatile form of Christmas Reindeer Crafts. It is used to hang on the Christmas tree or can be used to adorn the top of a gift pack. It can be grouped into a glass vase or lay on the plate, to use them as a place card holder. You can turn an ordinary plant into a gift by gluing candy cane reindeer around the potted poinsettia.
Supplies you need to gather up for Christmas Reindeer Crafts

Following items are needed to be collected, before making a candy cane reindeer.

• Small candy canes
• One pack of colorful pipe cleaners
• Small Tacky Glue Jar
• A packet of tiny pompoms
• Jiggle eyes (4 to 5 mm long)
• A pack of tooth picks
• Colorful Ribbons (1/8 inches)
• Jingle bells and Scissors

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Method to Create Christmas Reindeer Crafts

1. Do not unwrap all individual candy canes to prepare candy cane reindeer.

2. Cut one end of the ribbon into a long chiseled point, and then seal the raw edge with tacky glue. Let the ribbon dry for almost ten minutes.

3. Glue on a pompom at the tip of the candy cane crook. This will create his nose.

4. Apply the eyes about 1 ½ inches up from the nose.

5. Leaving three to four inches distance between the jingle bells, string on all jingle bells at one time to the ribbon.

6. Make distance between each bell.

7. Place a dab of glue about two inches down from the candy cane’s crook. Tie the ribbon into a knot by centering the jingle bells on front of the neck and pushing the bells and ribbons into the dab of glue. Leave it dry for almost fifteen minutes.

8. Cut off the piece of pipe into two pieces from the end. The length of each piece should be minimum 1 and ½ inch long.

9. Take the long piece of pipe and bend it.

10. Twist the two ends of the short piece of pipe.

11. Round the antlers a little bit before applying.

12. Push the pipe cleaner from the nose against the neck of the reindeer. Bring the antlers together on the top of the neck. Reshape it again and again until it please your eyes.

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