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Christmas Religious Trivia Christmas is coming and everyone is busy buying presents and thinking about that one day that many considers as blessed. However, there are actually do things that you would also need to check out regarding the coming season.

Many believe that the Bible states that the birth of Jesus is on well, Christmas day. Actually, this may not true. There are many who doubt about date, historians and anthropologist suggest a different time when Jesus is probably born. There are many accounts that points that the actual birth may be earlier than December. November and December already cover winter months. However, since Jesus is born during the month when the shepherds are still tending their animals, then, the season may be just around the late part of September or around October.

Do you also know that there are no accounts of existing Christmas days for the first three centuries after Jesus’ death? The first time that this was mentioned was about 336 A.D. Neither the apostles nor the early Christians have such celebrations. In the same sense, Jesus actually never celebrated his birthday for this is considered as a pagan belief.

December 25th actually marked an early Roman celebration rather than the celebration of Jesus; birth. The celebration was actually a pagan one, however, as Christianity spread, they replaced such celebration with a Christian one. This is just to replace the traditional festivities with one that is acceptable to the Christian doctrine. These small trivia are actually backed by some verses in the Bible as well as some historical facts. Nevertheless, these are slightly insignificant as long as the whole world feels one day that unites the whole world. Besides, the date and the figures do not matter as long as there is one day when everyone may consider bringing in peace than any other.

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