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Christmas ShoppingChristmas is probably the largest annual economic stimulus for many countries. Sales in almost all the retail shops increase dramatically. Merchants introduce new products, as people purchase decorations, gifts, and supplies. In the United States, the Christmas Shopping Season usually begins on Black Friday, the day following Thanksgiving, though many American stores begin selling Christmas items in October and early November.

Contrary to the period described above, in most areas, Christmas Day is the least active day of the whole year for business and commerce. The great majority of retail, commercial and institutional businesses are closed. Moreover, almost all industries cease their activity – notably more than any other day of the year, maybe because of the Christmas Shopping. In England and Wales, for example, there is a special ‘Christmas Day Trading Act’ introduced to the British legislation in 2004, that prevents all large shops from trading on Christmas Day. Scotland is currently planning similar law.

The real roots of the Christmas Shopping, dates back to the late 1800s when the economic importance of Christmas has also led to certain concerns like the increasing commercialization of Christmas. The tradition of exchanging gifts and seasonal Christmas Shopping were had popularized by a poem of a title: ‘A Visit from Saint Nicholas’ written in 1823 that began to assume economic importance of the Christmas season. In the book ‘The First Christmas in New England’ published in 1850, the author Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote a character who complained about the progrsing commercialisation of Christmas, that began ‘killing the spirit’ and a true meaning of Christmas, giving instead Christmas Shopping spree.

It was 1958 when Daws Butler and Stan Freberg recorded the audio theatre satire called ‘Green Chri$tma$’, recasting Ebenezer Scrooge and Bob Cratchit (from the original Christmas Story by Charles Dickens, titled ‘A Christmas Carol’) in the roles of big company advertising executives. Due to the controversial nature of their work, it received no commercial airplay until 1983.

Everyone likes being given presents, every of you would agree, that Christmas would not be such colourful without all the ornaments and decorations. All of you do Christmas Shopping, and quite lot of you work in the shops where Christmas goods are sold. But probably the hardest thing is to discover the golden ratio between commercialisation of Christmas Shopping and the spiritual nature of season, that, what shall never be forgotten, is the time of celebration of Jesus Christ birth.

Christmas Shopping Christmas Shopping Christmas Shopping
Christmas Shopping Christmas Shopping Christmas Shopping
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