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Christmas Significances

Christmas SignificancesThe name Christmas comes from two combined names Christ and mass which marks the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ. This is an annual celebration when all Christians celebrate divine birth of Jesus Christ. With time, Christmas has changed in meaning and different communities across the globe celebrate it differently.

The main Christmas significance is to announce to the world the birth of Christ which took place in December 25th. To Christians, this is the time when God, who is the creator of the world came to the world in the form of a human being, named Jesus. One Christmas significance is gifting. This is reflected way back where the parents of Christ received gifts from the Magi. It therefore is a time of giving gifts and Christians try to emphasise the importance of doing so.

During Christmas time, Christians gather together in family houses and churches to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. This celebration is a significant one because it is through the coming of Jesus into the world that mankind was saved from sin. Jesus was born in a very humble manger and only the shepherds were there to celebrate his coming.

The major Christmas significance is to remind mankind of God’s love to him. When mankind had sinned and separated from God, he was doomed to die. However, God, being all merciful and loving, sent his only Son to the world to save mankind and restore the relationship that he had with man. This is why Christmas is every important to Christians. It is a deep spiritual awakening than mere celebrations of merry making as most people nowadays take it to be.

At Christmas time, Christ is reborn in the hearts of Christian believers and this signifies a new life of living in love and holiness and following God’s commandments. Christmas is also significant because it brings hope to those who were oppressed by worldly pleasures, anxiety, troubles and sin. When Christ is reborn in the hearts of a believer, the person is freed from all his worries and he starts a new life in faith.

With time, there are many events and practices that have come to be associated with Christmas. For instance, many people use the Christmas periods as a time to exchange gifts with each other while some express their love to others by spending time with them or caring for them. Most Christians prefer to do charity works during the season while others prefer to visit help the less fortunate in society. There are different practices around the world during Christmas.

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Whatever you do the next Christmas, ensue that you w are spreading love, peace and joy to your neighbour. This is the essence of Christmas, just as God loved the world that he set his only Son to come and save it from sin, so we should love our neighbours according to the commands of Jesus. Therefore, Christmas significances should not be underestimated during the season.

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