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Christmas StockingsChristmas is a time of gifting and is very unique especially to kids because tradition has taught them that Santa Claus will visit and drop them gifts in their stockings. Many people end up buying the Christmas stockings and placing them where they are easily accessible to Santa Claus and all the loved ones who are expected to drop in with gifts for Christmas. There are different types of stockings available today but it is important to know what a Christmas stocking really is.

A Christmas stocking is simply an unfilled sock-shaped bag that initially was meant to be hung on the fireplace mantel, but as times have changed and people have done away with the fireplaces, the stockings can be hung anywhere accessible to Santa Claus. It is significantly empty because it is expected to be filled with gifts like sweets, toys, candy, fruit, small gifts or coins when loved ones or Santa Claus check in on the Christmas eve.

The Christmas stocking is not very big and therefore cannot handle large stocking fillers. It is specifically made to be filled with small toys or small gifts. Larger gifts are expected to be wrapped and placed under the Christmas tree next to the stocking. There are two main types of Christmas stockings; personalized and non-personalized Christmas stockings. The non-personalized Christmas stockings are used in homes where there is only one kid. They are simple and are embroidered in beautiful Christmas colours.

Personalized Christmas stockings are useful in homes with more than one kid because the gift-givers or Santa Claus will need to identify each kid’s stocking to be able to drop in a gift for them. They are unique as the embroidered part will include the name of each kid. The embroidery is done in beautiful, attractive Christmas thread colours and fonts. The embroidery is also patterned with different tied ribbon shapes and colours.

The stockings themselves come in different colours and are made of cotton, silk and wool. They are also available in different shapes, styles and sizes. This is particularly used to differentiate the girls’ from the boys’ stockings. Most stockings have a furred cuff on the top side and a hanging hook.

The main purpose of a Christmas stocking is to receive small gifts, just as it used to happen before when gifts used to be placed under the Christmas tress. However, people are now doing away with the Christmas tree and incorporating the stockings because they are beautiful and can be used for many years unlike the trees which are thrown away after use.

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Another importance of the stockings is that they can be kept as souvenirs since they can be passed down from one generation as it outgrows the stocking to another. Many homes today are embracing the Christmas stockings because they can also be used to decorate the houses during the festive season. Christmas being a happy season full of surprises, hopes, dreams and longings, the Christmas stockings works wonders in keeping the little ones’ surprises in place.

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