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Christmas StockingsCome Christmas time and every child looks towards presents from Santa Claus in their Christmas stocking. Christmas stockings are usually big socks or bags in the shape of socks that children tie next to the fireplace during Christmas time. As per tradition children who have behaved well during the year can expect presents from Santa, and these presents will be exactly what they desired, while badly behaved children are more likely to get only coal in their stocking.

This tradition of tying up Christmas socks near the fireplace started in Germany but since then it has become popular all over the world. The first thing a child would do on Christmas morning is go to the fireplace and peep into their stocking to see the present Santa Claus had dropped into it. Since people have done away with the chimney, these socks are hung practically in any place in the home. You can find them to be hung behind chairs, stair rails, footboard of beds, door knobs and interestingly the Christmas tree!

Now-a-days you can see Christmas socks available at stores in a variety of styles and sizes. You can get quality stocking at very affordable prices and the styles put out range from simple traditional ones to elegant and very modern ones that are eye catching and very different. They are really cute looking and quite adorable.

Christmas Stockings Christmas Stockings Christmas Stockings
Christmas Stockings Christmas Stockings Christmas Stockings
You can buy up Christmas stockings in your local stores. Sometimes you can get whole bundle at reduced rates. It’s something kids will enjoy having and you can buy one as a gift for your niece or nephew during Christmas time. Christmas stockings reflect the Christmas tradition and are very much a part of the festive season.

If you are good with cards, you cn make you own felt Christmas stockings. You can put a lot of interesting design ideas while making it and come up with something unique and unusually. Hand made Christmas stockings are highly personalized items which sand out clearly from what’s available at stores. Using them as gift items is one of the best ways to wish those close to you Happy Christmas.

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