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Christmas T-Shirt Designs

christmas T-design designChristmas is not only a religious festive session; it is actually more than a religion. People around the world from other religions celebrate this festival and we can say this festive as the one of the worldwide celebrated festivals. During the Christmas celebration the people around the world also rejoice the Eve with best fashion products. The new trend of Christmas celebration is the use of stylish and elegant t-shirt. Exclusive Christmas T-shirt Designs are fashioned by the famous fashion designers around the world during the Festival. The exceptional Christmas designs on t-shirts and shirts can add more moods in your style.
In this article two popular Christmas T-shirt Designs are mentioned for your understanding properly. So, don’t late and waste your valuable time in thinking. Work through these Christmas T-shirt Designs and fashioned some unique Fashion wares for your loving ones.

Butterfly Appliquéd Christmas T-Shirt designs: Christmas T-shirt Designs become more wonderful with the butterfly appliquéd design. To make a nice piece of it you have to sew with the use of a medium width stretched zigzag stitch. When the sewing will be finished in that time you have start with the body of the t-shirt. The bodies with the antennas as well as the butterfly house holes are to done properly in this occasion. The black thread and the largest width with stretched zigzag may be required for featuring the butterfly house. For the antennas you also need the same thing.

Angel Designed Christmas T-Shirt: If you want to design your t-shirt with famous Angel designed Christmas T-shirt Designs, you will have to do the entire thing with the help of medium stretched zigzag stitch. At first you have to pattern and cut out pieces and place them on the t-shirt with the right side up. For sewing starts you can use small stretched zigzag stitch pattern. Two small buttons for angel’s dress and black fabric marker to point angel’s eyes can also be required.

christmas T-design design christmas T-design design christmas T-design design christmas T-design design
christmas T-design design christmas T-design design christmas T-shirt design christmas T-shirt design

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