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Christmas ToysHave you heard an old adage: ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’? The same rule applies to the Christmas Toys, even in the day of the total commercialization of Christmas, when parents can buy unimaginably beatiful and technologically advanced toys for their children. You can see hundreds of them during the Christmas season shopping, on the Christmas stores’ displays. But are they some time-proof toys that can entertain children the same as it entertained us in our childhoods?

Yes, even for the toy manufacturing industry the adage rings true. Regardless of the hottest buying trends, some things never change. There are some gifts that are beloved by today’s children as they were 20, 30, even 50 years ago. It’s quite a big deal for a simple toy to transcend the test of time, but jolly Santa Claus and his helpers elves keep everything under control, so thanks to them we did not forget about old good toys that our children would fancy too. If you want to give your kids a little nostalgia that they’ll actually enjoy, you’re reading the right article!

Barbie Dolls – is no only American girls’ favorite doll – it is known all over the world. Lots of children are playing with them even in some African shelters or in the igloos somewhere, where the winter never finishes. Barbie has undergone certain changes over the years and even some of parents’ opinions that believe that doll to be an unrealistic standard of beauty did not endanger that perfect Christmas Toy’s position on the market.

Christmas Toys Christmas Toys Christmas Toys
Christmas Toys Christmas Toys Christmas Toys
Toy Soldiers – are another time-tested, yet somehow controversial option. From one point of view, soldiers can instill a sense of pride, patriotism and bravery in the youth, but on the other hand some parents fear that such boys’ Christmas Toys could help foster an acceptance of violence. But, whatever you think of toy soldiers, you probably agree that such toys are definitely always relevant to young boys nevertheless the uniforms, weaponry and means of transport changes over the time. Today cavalry is replaced by tank, but that does not disturb our children to love commanding their ranks.

It would be an unforgiveable omission if I hadn’t included a bicycles on this list of the best Christmas Toys ever. Admittedly, bicycles’ evolution progresses similarly as the Barbie Doll do. Their colors are more extreme, the tires are made of better and better materials and the design becomes more aerodynamic. But no child given such beautiful Christmas Toy shall ever forget the feeling of freedom and that comes with pedaling into the wind… For long decades bicycles have been a holiday hit, and will continue to be for decades more.

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