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Christmas Traditions in Bahamas

Christmas Traditions in BahamasChristmas is an occasion that is celebrated all over the world. People come together to congenial the birth of Christ. Homes are exalted with festive lights and evergreen spray and sprigs of mistletoe. A family delights to go out for buying Christmas tree and bringing it home before Christmas. Once, the tree is brought home, it is illuminated with ornaments. One can’t think about Christmas without Christmas carols. The ritual food served in feasts during Christmas is delicious. Christmas has universal appeal. Christmas traditions varied from one nation to other. Bahamas Christmas traditions have particular Caribbean flavor.

Christmas in Bahamas is extolled in a traditional way with great joy. People visit each other and enjoy the occasion. Bahamas exalt Christmas by going to church and attending special church services. The people in Bahamas enjoy the fete by exchanging gifts to each other and having great food. All this is done in the concomitant of Christmas music and carols. Bahamas is popular for Christmas cruises. A lot of tourists and foreigners visit Bahamas during Christmas to enjoy these cruises. The palm trees, sandy beaches and water sports are the crucial features of this beautiful and breathtaking country.

Christmas Traditions in Bahamas Christmas Traditions in Bahamas Christmas Traditions in Bahamas Christmas Traditions in Bahamas Christmas Traditions in Bahamas Christmas Traditions in Bahamas Christmas Traditions in Bahamas Christmas Traditions in Bahamas
Christmas exaltations in Bahamas varied to other countries due to Junkanoo. Junkanoo is a parade arranged during the petite hours of December 26 and on petite hours of New Year day. The streets are occupied with dancers and viewers. The darkness helps exalt to reach a great height. The overhead and the street lights make the ambience worth watching as you see an ocean of colors. This festival of Junkanoo appeals a lot of tourist.

The dancers in Junkanoo have groups. Each group has a particular motif. Based on that motif, dresses are prepared for the festival. These days, a huge amount of money in form of prize is given to the best group for its portrayal in the festival.

The motif of group can be latest or ancient. According to the theme, costumes are used by the dancers, who dance at the music produce by drums, whistles, horns and so on. People just relish the dancing moves and remarkable music during the Christmas spree in Bahamas.

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