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Christmas Traditions in Peru

Christmas Traditions in PeruChristmas is an occasion of peace and happiness. This is time that every single person likes to spend the Christmas holiday with family members and friends. People come together to adore feasts and get together. The families start planning for Christmas well a head. They clean and triumph with evergreen spray and sprigs of mistletoe. The Christmas tree is brought home and it is adore with Christmas lights, and ornaments. Everything is embellishing to welcome the grand and worldwide fete of Christmas. Christmas is exalted universally. The traditions may vary but the happiness derived out of celebration is same worldwide.

Christmas revel in South American country has effect of both American and European culture. Most of the people in Peru are Catholics so Christmas customs are little bit old. The population of Peru has some rituals that vary from other nations. The occasion of Christmas is rejoice in the summer season in Peru. The school children have summer vacations just like European kids have winter break. As it is summer there are some customs in food and drinks which vary from European countries. The traditions of Peru are based on a lot of Catholic ideas. Therefore, a lot of people participate in Midnight Christmas feast on Christmas Eve.

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There is no snowfall during Christmas in Peru. The Santa Claus is a latest ritual that we see in Peru. This is in effect to the commercialization and significance of western culture on South American countries. The government has inhibited Santa Claus to prevent the degradation of this holy and religious festival.

The people took a lot of pleasure in food and drinks. Feasts are arranged and Champagne is offered to exalt. The ritual food has turkey with salads, tamales and Panettone, sweet bread which is particularly made for Christmas. People feel joy in dancing, and listening Christmas carols for the entire night with great food.

The ritual of offering and accepting gifts in Peru on Christmas day is typical. The two persons hug, kiss, say thanks and then accept the gift. This displays their love and honor for each other. This is something significant from other cultures.

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