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Christmas Tree FarmsThe exercise of farming evergreens particularly to sell as Christmas trees dates back to 1901, when a 25,000 tree Norway Spruce farm was sown near Trenton, New Jersey. The markets for Christmas trees had started fifty years earlier when a farmer from the Catskill Mountains brought trees into New York City to sell. Despite these starting efforts, most people still gain wild-grown Christmas trees from forests into the 1930s and 1940s. After World War II, most trees were grown in the plantation and by the 1950s farmers were fleecing trees to meet customer demands Christmas tree farms are prime located on nearly level land which is free of hindrance. In the past, Christmas tree farmers implant their plantations on less feasible agricultural plots or “wastelands of agriculture”. However, stress in modern Christmas tree farming has moved toward the production of higher-quality trees, increasing land quality expectations as well.

Like all other crops and plants, Christmas trees needs a peculiar set of nutrients to nourish. There are 16 elements most important for growth; of those, three are achieved through water, air, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Nitrogen, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, boron, sulfur, chlorine, copper, manganese, iron, zinc and molybdenum are extracted from the soil. If the compulsory elements are not absent in the local soil, nutritious fertilizers are used. Other crucial soil elements include pH and drainage. Particular sorts of soil are preferable, depending on the type of tree. Pine trees are mostly adapted to a sandy or sandy loam soil, while White Spruce trees and fir trees, such as the Douglas-fir, are likely to adapt fine-texture loams and clay loam soils. Some types of trees grow well in all sorts of soil, but in any case, the land must be well-drained for a Christmas tree farm to have a chance of blooming.

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The weather, as with other agricultural travail, plays a key outcome in the production of a Christmas tree farm. Immense cold in the winter and severe hot and dry environment during and after harvest can cause incorrigible damage to the crop.

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